Toy Telescope F40070M

MADY F40070M Telescope made of the highest quality materials and offers a clear view of objects. It is highly durable and trustworthy. The telescope can be used for planetary observations and also for viewing terrestrial objects. This great way of parents to give their kids their first glimpse of lunar craters, the moons of Jupiter and star clusters. The telescope is perfect for scenic overland viewing.

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Technical Specifications:

Optical Design: Refractor
Type: Galilean
Aperture: 70 mm (2.8inch)
Focal length: 400 mm (16inch)
Resolution: 1.657 sec
Highest Magnification: 200X
Eyepieces: 1.25″ H6 mm, H20 mm
Finder Scope: 5 x 24
Accessories: Diagonal mirror, 3X Barlow Lens & 1.5X Erecting eyepiece
Tripod: Table Top
Color: Black

The Refractor – Used by Galileo

What is it?
A long tube with a lens at the front and an eyepiece at the back

What about it?
Refractors are the earliest type of optical telescope. The first practical refracting telescope appeared in the Netherlands about 1608, and was credited to three individuals, Hans Lippershey and Zacharias Janssen, spectacle-makers, and Jacob Metius. Galileo Galilei in about the month of May 1609, heard of the invention and constructed a version of his own. Refractors capture light with a lens that focuses on it at the back of the tube. They are well-known for sharp viewing. They are also the most expensive telescope per inch of aperture.

Who uses them?
Refractors are a durable and reliable preference for beginners in smaller apertures. Larger refractors are valued by astrophotographers and serious star-hunter for superb images

What purpose?
Excellent for bright objects like Moon, planets, double stars, clusters. Good for light-polluted city stargazing and daytime land viewing.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 46 × 22 × 11 cm

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