Rang De Rangoli

For the first time hobby enthusiast can make giant sand art and rangolis covering almost eight hundred square inches of hubby activity. Being stuck and on board the Rangolis can be preserved and displayed for years to come.

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Rangoli is a Hindu folk art, generally created on a floor on special festive occasions and used to decorate the entrances of homes as a floor-painting. Rangolis can be vivid, three-dimensional art complete with shadings or they can be the traditional plain, yet beautiful two-dimensional designs.

This art form uses coloured sand in vibrant colours and of a uniform mesh with glue for creating the Rangoli designs. The designs are not done on the floor but on stiff board.

The adhesive glue- PVA provided in the pack serves to bind the sand on the picture and becomes transparent on drying and also allows one to give multi-layers of sand thereby making the Rangoli designs more vibrant.

For the first time Hobby enthusiasts can even make giant sand art Rangolis of 20? X 20? amounting to almost 400 squares inches of hobby activity!

Rang de RANGOLI is an art form which can be preserved, presented or displayed for years to come.

Product Dimensions: 22 x 3 x 32 cm
Contents: 4 Pre-printed design templates on a board . 1 Large pre-printed design template on board’s flip side . 8 Different coloured sand in bottles . 1 Jar of white adhesive . 1 Paint brush . 2 Glitter glue tubes (gold & silver) . Rang de RANGOLI! book
Age: 8+ Years

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Weight 1.22 kg
Dimensions 22 × 3 × 32 cm

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